Savoury foods

This is my favourite kind of foods. These foods are have more spices and seasoning. These are foods like pasta, fried chicken, steak, pizza, basically things you would have for dinner.

Sweet foods

I really like sweet things. I mean who doesn’t like candy. My favourite sweet thing is probably snickers. However, the best kind of snickers are the ones you can find in london. They’re very different and way better.

Sour foods

I like sour things, but not just sour things. I like sour sweet things. Like sour patch kids or lemonade. Just writing about sour things make my mouth salivate.

Bitter foods

This is my least favourite group. Bitter things basically have no flavour and a lot of flavour at the same time. Some bitter foods are like bitter melon, orange peel, coffee, etc. However, i do like coffee.

Favourite foods

Some of my favourite foods are usually savoury. These are things like burgers, indian food, steak, ice cream, fried chicken, bacon. A lot of meat.

Foods I hate

Food I hate are olives, brussel sprout (unless my dads cooks them), bell peppers, and eggplant. These foods are just foods if I ate them I might throw up. This is only if they are prepared wrong. Which they usually are.